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Leveling up communication, sales, and marketing functions: the transformative power of MMM

When a telecommunications industry leader aims to enhance operational and strategic outcomes, MMM becomes a powerful decision-making tool for key player functions such as communication, sales, and marketing.

Solutions : Marketing Mix Modeling



global ROI increase

Several hundred million euros

of optimized marketing and sales expenses

Updated results

within an 8-week timeframe


A highly competitive landscape characterizes the French telecommunications market, with numerous operators and saturated penetration rates in fixed-line, mobile, and broadband services. To transform communication, marketing, and sales practices to market volatility, our client requested: 

  • Strategically, to enhance the responsiveness of these three departments, better equip them to handle disruptions and optimize budget allocation. Our client required a robust tool to empower them to make strategic and operational decisions based on objective, relevant, and rational insights. 
  • Operationally, to optimize marketing and communication campaigns, key events, and operations. Additionally, a new fiber use case required MMM analysis to understand performance drivers. This prompted a reconsideration of various business aspects, such as dedicated activation channels or new promotion efficiency patterns. 



To support the strategic and operational transformation of this organization, three principles guided Ekimetrics: 

  • Rapidly demonstrate the value of the MMM platform, particularly in addressing business questions related to fiber. 
  • Ensure the tool’s adoption and successfully scale by actively involving the three departments in the project’s construction. This approach aimed to align them on consistent and shared performance indicators: the same platform and metrics and a unified taxonomy for all communication, sales, and marketing efforts. Achieving this required comprehensively aggregating an extensive volume of highly heterogeneous data, including distribution channels (door-to-door, stores, customer service, digital, direct marketing), geographical, and technical areas. 

With this proof of value and a well-deployed tool in the departments, the project entered a second phase, enabling: 

  • the integration of updated analytics into daily operations, providing continuous access to results and simulations. 
  • the advancement to a new level of data maturity by working on the automation of data collection and generation, thanks to a data integration and quality portal that lets all the client’s data stewards improve their daily tasks. 



Over forty decision-makers and operational professionals currently leverage the One.Vision platform daily. Operating autonomously, they can assimilate analytics results and insights and conduct their own simulations and optimizations. 

The measurable impact of this project is substantial, with an average increase of 10% in operational efficiency, optimizing budgetary allocations amounting to hundreds of millions of euros.  

The project continues to evolve, including a progressive internalization of performance measurement and upskilling of teams in Marketing Mix. Other ongoing developments involve the automation of data collection and the industrialization of capabilities, expanding from over 20 models in production to more than 100 models. This expansion facilitates the integration of new business questions and marks a significant stride in the project’s development.

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