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Using Generative AI to Identify CSRD Data Gaps and Accelerate Compliance

A global client, a consumer health and hygiene company, needed to ensure they could meet new European sustainability disclosure requirements — the CSRD — within a very short timeframe. Ekimetrics deployed Celsius.CSRD, our dedicated AI module, to uncover the gaps between the client’s internal ESG performance and policy data and external regulatory requirements. Our module completed the analysis in a fraction of the usual time, giving the client more time to focus on enhancing their performance and policies.


Streamlined data from 20 reports

across multiple formats and business units


disclosure requirements evaluated, both qualitative and quantitative

6 weeks vs. 6 months

To deliver gap analysis

Delivered occured in parallel

with a double materiality assessment


A global consumer health and hygiene retailer needed to get up to speed with impending Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requirements. The client engaged us to perform an organization-wide gap analysis to identify the gap between existing sustainability data and the requirements of the CSRD, which introduces new indicators across all environmental, social and governance topics.

In an organization of this size, ESG data is typically decentralized and inconsistently formatted. A gap analysis usually involves manual effort, a substantial team, and months of work. With the 2025 CSRD deadline approaching, our client needed an accelerated time-to-value.


Our approach

The power of generative AI to solve complex data problems creates a massive opportunity to accelerate the path to sustainable business. Our goal was to automate the gap analysis to save our client time and maximize the value of the client’s ESG data by leveraging Generative AI’s capabilities to synthesize and analyze it in context.

With that overarching goal in mind, we customized our Celsius.CSRD Generative AI tool to analyze millions of data points based on the different reports and policies and score the client’s existing reporting against the CSRD data requirements.



With the analysis complete, the client has complete visibility on the different European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and can also deep-dive at the data point level to assess the gap and the “gap to meet”. Where current reporting and CSRD requirements don’t align, Celsius.CSRD provides recommendations for remediating and improving reporting.

Our intentionally designed solution enables our client to ensure CSRD compliance, safeguard its brand, and maximize the value of its ESG data using minimal time and resources.


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