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Data initiatives typically require a variety of decision-making or productivity tools, in order to monitor and visualize impacts, evaluate and tune scenarios, configure processes, etc.

For simple visualization and analysis workflows, relying on standard tools like PowerBI, Tableau or Qlikview are the best approach as they are easiest to set up and maintain. Most users are already familiar with these tools, and power users can easily adapt or extend the visualizations to their own needs.

But many times, this is not enough: complex visualizations & interactions are required, custom machine learning algorithms must be embedded, full-blown simulation scenarios are needed, or advanced business logic needs to be integrated.

By designing and building tailored applications, we can deliver solutions that tightly fit the underlying processes and support optimal data-driven decision-making, including marketing mix performance and strategy, supply-chain optimization, fraud-detection & analysis, and more.

We use the design thinking methodology to bootstrap a project, gathering target users, the project team, and other key stakeholders to ensure all problems are addressed.

This is the starting point of an iterative process to design a solution tailored to the context and conforming to the operating mode of your business.

By completely incorporating application development within our data teams, we ensure an optimal integration across the project and, more importantly, a perfect understanding of the underlying data by all team members.

We deliver tailor-made solutions that empower key stakeholders and/or operational teams in your organization.

Our main goal is to use our technical skills along with our strong business understanding to make the most out of the data and deliver high value to your organization.

We ensure high ROIs for all our projects, either by triggering brighter decisions or by strengthening operational teams.

Our solutions are fully integrated with your information systems and built with the state-of-the art development & security practices. This allows us to propose flexible deployment options, either fully managed within our cloud environments or transitioned to the operations team within your environment.

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