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Ekimetrics and YouGov join forces to integrate YouGov data into companies’ brand image analyses

Ekimetrics and YouGov join forces to integrate YouGov data into companies’ brand image analyses

This partnership offers companies the opportunity to model their brand image using YouGov data within Ekimetrics' Marketing Mix Modeling solution, to improve their understanding of what drives their marketing performance.

Date : 18 January, 2024

Category : News

Ekimetrics, a leader in data science and AI-powered solutions for sustainable business performance, and YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, have announced a strategic partnership to fill the gaps in traditional brand image measurement.

The short-term measurement of advertising campaigns is no longer enough to effectively manage companies’ marketing efforts. A better understanding of the factors influencing consumer purchasing behavior requires long-term monitoring of the impact of advertising campaigns.

This global partnership, signed at the end of 2023, will offer companies a more precise and frequent measurement of their brand image, combining YouGov’s detailed KPIs with Ekimetrics’ data and AI expertise. Companies will be able to better assess their long-term marketing performance, and as a result, optimize the levers of their marketing mix.

Thanks to this partnership, Ekimetrics’ corporate customers will draw on YouGov’s ability to track the real-time evolution of brand indicators in more than 45 business sectors and more than 55 markets worldwide.

By joining forces to democratize brand image analysis, we help companies make effective short- and long-term optimizations of their marketing performance, enriching their understanding of their brand’s impact,” explains Thibault Labarre, Partner, Head of MMM at Ekimetrics. “Thanks to this partnership with YouGov, we’re able to provide composite indicators, suited to the specific interests of each brand, for an even more customized analysis of brand image.”

We’re looking to optimize our marketing investments to improve brand awareness and consideration while boosting our business KPIs. With Ekimetrics’ One.Vision solution, enriched with YouGov’s KPIs, we’re now able to measure the short- and long-term effects of all our actions, refine our strategies for each of our brands, and drive the optimization of our marketing efforts more effectively,” explains Anne-Laure Aumaitre, VP E-Commerce Strategy & Transformation Projects Europe North Africa at Accor.


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