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Ekimetrics launches the Radians platform

Ekimetrics launches the Radians platform

Deploying real products focused on data and AI within companies, on a large scale, in record time and with significantly reduced risk is now possible with Radians, the new platform designed by Ekimetrics.

Date : 17 October 2023

Category : News

Radians is a turnkey data science platform that considerably reduces the costs and risks associated with deploying artificial intelligence solutions, while significantly increasing business impact. How was this made possible?

“Using AI in a way that is truly transformative for business remains a challenge today in many respects,” explains Mathieu Choux, Ekimetrics Partner and leader of the initiative. “We designed Radians to support the deployment of data & AI products, providing users with a simple way to access all the sector, technical and technological know-how developed by Ekimetrics over more than 15 years. At the start of the project, we wanted our customers to benefit from our standards in data science. They can now approach their transformation through data and AI as a real opportunity, and not as a risk.” 

Accelerating the creation of business value 

From streamlining workflows and simplifying the configuration of cloud services, to automating tasks related to data engineering, modelling and visualisation, the Radians platform by Ekimetrics makes it unreservedly easier to implement data science solutions, reducing the time and effort required by a factor of 10. Designed to blend seamlessly into day-to-day operations, it centralises, controls and manages all of a company’s data solutions and resources. Thanks to a unique catalogue of data assets (enriched datasets, packaged AI models, standardised deployment frameworks, etc.) offered by Ekimetrics, users can easily assemble and design their own AI applications while complying with the highest standards. The platform helps business teams to focus on their areas of expertise and the benefits for the company.

Radians is also designed to be a platform for collaboration between data communities, enabling them to share, exchange and re-use their solutions, and thus drive new uses.


A simple, intuitive experience that can accelerate the creation of business value tenfold, Radians is radically redefining the design and deployment of data & AI products for the corporate world.


If you want to know more, please contact us here: inbound.emails@ekimetrics.com !

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