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Ekimetrics recognized as a Leader in Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Ekimetrics recognized as a Leader in Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Ekimetrics received the highest possible scores across 16 criteria, including Model Operations, Vision, Innovation, Marketing Optimization and Budgeting, Technical Talent, Consulting Talent, Marketing Strategy consulting, Modeling & Technology Consulting, and Global client management.

Date : 29 August, 2023

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Ekimetrics is proud to announce that it has been recognized as a “Leader” in The Forrester WaveTM: Marketing Measurement and Optimization, Q3 2023.

The report evaluated the Nine Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up to top service providers in the market (across 38 criteria). This evaluation also reaffirms the current challenges B2C marketing decision-makers are facing as well as what marketers need to do today to drive growth and keep grabbing customers’ attention tomorrow.

The Forrester report suggests that MMO service customers should partner up with providers offering robust data assets, agile measurement practices, and actionable insights that drive brand enhancement, growth, and efficiency objectives.

Ekimetrics received the highest possible scores of 5/5 in 16 criteria including:

  • Vision
  • Innovation
  • Marketing Optimization and Budgeting
  • Model Operations
  • Technical Talent
  • Consulting Talent
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Modeling and Technology Consulting
  • Global Client Management
  • Pricing flexibility and transparency

In this evaluation, Ekimetrics was one of two vendors with the top score of 4.30 in the Talent criterion.

The Forrester report states that “Ekimetrics’ provides an expansive service that features its One.Vision platform and an engineering- and data science-led culture. Ekimetrics’ unique vision builds on creating an intelligent business system by providing marketers with next-generation analytics and helping them build sustainable marketing plans. Its strong data science and engineering services ensure the data ingestion and model operations are thorough and fast. Companies that want a visionary and agile provider with strong engineering chops should shortlist Ekimetrics.

“Our position as a leader testifies to our 17-year commitment to building pioneering unified measurement and optimization solutions. With the best blend of technology, service and change management, we deliver impact at scale for global clients with a 20:1 ROI and 20%+ productivity gains on holistic business goals”, comments Thibault Labarre, Partner and Global Head of MMO at Ekimetrics.

“In a shifting market that is quickly being reshaped by AI, data deprecation, crisis and climate change, being recognized as a leader and a visionary provider, comforts us in our commitment to offer the most agile solution possible to prepare for future-proof business models. It is a strong encouragement to continue to invest heavily in innovation and talent to invent the AI-driven measurement of tomorrow” adds Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, CEO.


Download the full report


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