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Innovation: ClimateQ&A, a new AI chat tool for environmental issues

Innovation: ClimateQ&A, a new AI chat tool for environmental issues

ClimateQ&A is a new artificial intelligence tool that answers questions about environmental issues using detailed, reliable sources.

Date : April 7th, 2023

Category : News

Developed by the Ekimetrics R&D Lab after several months of research, ClimateQ&A is now available to the public, with open source code on Hugging Face.

Use cases, relevance and source citation

The tool uses data from over 14,000 pages of scientific reports such as IPCC’s to help users access extensive, high quality scientific resources quickly. The AI algorithm interprets the question and identifies relevant passages, using ChatGPT to write the answer to the question as simply as possible. To ensure complete transparency and facilitate citations, for example in a journalistic article, company strategy document or student dissertation, the report(s) and passages analyzed and extracted are fully referenced.

“Our expertise in Document Parsing, Named Entity Recognition, Information Retrieval, Question&Answering has been the basis for the development of the modules that make up our ClimateQ&A tool,” says Nicolas Chesneau, Head of Innovation, Research and Development at Ekimetrics.

A concrete contribution to knowledge and science sharing

During the CEC* in 2022, Ekimetrics committed to training and raising the awareness of environmental issues and how to use data science to facilitate the acceleration of the ecological transition needed to meet and exceed climate targets. In service of this commitment, ClimateQ&A is freely available and open source for anyone to use.

Since its launch early April, ClimateQ&A has been enriched further, with new features such as the integration of IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) reports, footnotes, and is available in all languages. More than 13,000 questions have been answered in a few weeks.


* Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (Convention for business environmental cooperation)


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