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Revolutionizing Marketing Measurement: Introducing One.Vision and its 3 Core Modules

Revolutionizing Marketing Measurement: Introducing One.Vision and its 3 Core Modules

Introducing One.Vision, Ekimetrics’ Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) platform, designed for data and ROI-driven decision-making.

Date : 03 July, 2024

Category : News

One.Vision is Ekimetrics’ Marketing Mix Modeling platform for DATA and ROI-driven decision-making. It is the only end-to-end platform that delivers a holistic 360° view on marketing and commercial performance and provides forward-looking and actionable insights through its 3 key modules: Data, Modeling and I&O (Insights & Optimization).

DATA: Monitor and industrialize your data efficiently

Say goodbye to fragmented and inaccurate data. Our Data module ensures comprehensive data integration from multiple sources and delivers a complete workflow from data preparation to automated model updates. It can be fully integrated into your existing cloud environment (GCP, Azure, …) and will enable your teams to adopt a common data language across your organization.

Key features:

  • Data sources management
  • Data taxonomy
  • Data review dashboards
  • Automated refresh
  • Pipeline monitoring and alerting system

MODELING: Build & refresh models quickly to get your first insights

Fed up with having long build time? The Modeling module enables faster set up time as it relies on the most effective methods and robust algorithms. It is designed so your teams can model in complete autonomy to test various approaches and get coherent model systems while navigating at different levels of granularity. It can also be operated by our own data experts with strong business experience to meet your challenges. Users will ultimately be able to measure and analyze short-term and long-term impacts of your financial and non-financial performance drivers.

Key features:

  • Model development methodologies suitable for any industry sector
  • Powerful and flexible model building capabilities
  • Accurate ROI analysis to measure effectiveness.
  • Interactive visualization for data interpretation and insights communication
  • Modeling engine for ROI & response curve calculation.
  • Versioning of models
  • Practical business knowledge integrated into modeling workflows

I&O: Take concrete actions, monitor their impact – and adapt them!

From insights to actions with I&O. This module bridges the gap between insights, forecast, optimization, and scenario planning: offering strategic recommendations and customized action plans tailored to your objectives and constraints. Whether it’s optimizing your budget allocations, piloting your campaigns, or identifying growth pockets, I&O ensures your strategies are always a step ahead.

Key features:

  • Interactive performance dashboard: the single source of truth to deep dive into reasons for improved or deteriorated past performances and inform tactical strategy.
  • ROI holistic vision and consolidation: direct access to revenue drivers, contribution & ROI (short term and long term) at any level of the funnel to get full understanding of your business performance
  • Forecast & Scenario planning: simulate multiple business scenarios and compare them to arbitrate on best course of action and optimal budget allocation.
  • Optimization: implement multi-KPIs forecast and optimization on financial and non-financial indicators. Optimize simulations under your constraints to ensure business relevance.


One.Vision isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer solution that has already been adopted by some of the world’s top marketing teams and deployed in their cloud environments to secure data.

Visit our One.Vision page and see how our MMM solution can elevate your marketing measurement to new heights!

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