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Our values

Our values

Eki.Life is the submerged part of the iceberg; all Eki.People contribute every day to the growth of our community.

Culture is you. At Ekimetrics, we are convinced that our best asset is you!

We are driven by the desire to experiment. In a culture of excellence and precision, we move forward, experiment with the world, and always try to be guided by our passion and curiosity more than anything else.



What brings us together are the following convictions:

  • We are human & diverse.
  • We are innovative.
  • We are entrepreneurs, continually reinventing ourselves.
  • We are all problem solvers.
  • We master complexity with simplicity.


Our values are our 5 cardinal points; our employees have these 5 great strengths in common which serve as pillars in their work and attitude.

  • Curiosity – Our primary value, the spark that makes you want to get involved, to discover, to share, to grow with a pinch of aplomb.
  • Creativity – Offices and teams that allow everyone to unleash their creative potential, have a breakthrough, and get out of one’s comfort zone with colleagues and clients alike.
  • Excellence – Our central value; a continuous appetite for the perfect finishing touch, the extra mile, with the aim of satisfying our customers and our teams.
  • Transmission – Desire to share our know-how and assets, working together with generosity, bringing together corporate forces to promote collective intelligence.
  • Pleasure – Essential to the well-being of our teams and our projects, the pleasure of innovating, growing, helping others grow, and of course the pleasure of sharing our rituals!

Ekimetrics has officially been recognised as a Certified Great Place to work® in France, UK and USA, and as one of HR Asia Best companies to Work for in Asia® in Hong Kong. These certifications and awards are a testament to our strong company culture, the dedication of our talented team, and the remarkable work environment we have built together.



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