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AI for Sustainability

Act now to build your business within planet boundaries.

Navigate change, power sustainable business practices and combine financial and non-financial performance at scale with data science and AI solutions.

Rewiring your business for a sustainable future

You must make the core changes needed to both do right by your stakeholders, and to operate in an uncertain future – all while navigating your fundamental business constraints.


Act now to redefine performance

Move beyond superficial issues of reputation and compliance to tackle deeper issues of readiness and taking concrete action to operate within planetary boundaries.
Discover more ways to attain ESG objectives and operational performance together.

Improve your impact now

Create a holistic view of your business within planetary boundaries by consolidating and visualizing your performance and environmental impact indicators. Measure, collect, visualize and monitor the data needed to navigate towards sustainability.

ESG intelligence

Understand your sustainability issues within a broader business and regulatory complex ecosystem. Improve compliance and decision-making. Automate and accelerate ESG analysis work by screening and parsing thousands of complex documents.


Create the most effective path

Make data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science your allies. Place sustainability at the center of your operating model. Ekimetrics has developed expertise and maintains pre-packaged solutions specifically designed to accelerate and de-risk sustainability: Pathways.


Pathways, Integrated & Modular platform for Sustainability

Watch the demo to discover Pathways


Assess your carbon footprint with less time and effort.
Define your own science-based decarbonization pathways and action plans across every part of your business.


Assess your exposure and vulnerability to climate, transition and systemic risks.
Plan your resilience and adaptation strategies with data-driven simulations so you can both respond to imminent crises and plan for the long term.


Optimize your business processes with AI-powered algorithms to reduce energy and resource consumption, waste production and carbon emissions.
Control costs while implementing smarter energy and environmental efficiency policies.


Prepare your business future

Exit business as usual. Improve readiness for a finite world with increased regulation and consumer shifts. Create the operating system to rewire your business for a more sustainable future.

Win within planetary boundaries

Change the way you develop eco-responsible products and services and bring them to market. Rethink your processes, operations and extended organization to be more resource efficient. Find optimal strategies. Create positive impact faster and more reliably.

Use data as a catalyst for better

Promote responsible consumption. Integrate sufficiency into your business model by analyzing usages to identify non-essential needs and levers for behavioral change. Promote different narratives to make more frugal alternatives the smarter choice.

Lift your data capabilities

Take full control of your data capabilities and drive organizational change.
We are specialists in translating your data, your brand aspirations for sustainability into long term business value.

Creating true sustainable impact

Meet our experts

Laurent Félix

Partner & Managing Director France

Théo Alves Da Costa

Head of AI for Sustainability and Climate

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