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Partner with us to experience the next generation of marketing measurement, linking detailed, actionable recommendations to overarching brand strategy for success now, and in the long-term.

There are many vendors that deliver models to measure marketing performance – there are less that manage to move that into truly strategic usage within a business. Ekimetrics exists to continuously respond to changes in marketing, media and data with the latest developments in measurement and provide the next generation of marketing optimization.

We ensure one language of performance is shared from the board to channel specialists and everyone in between. We are here to bring together functions and teams around a common understanding of how each activity feeds into the strength of the business and to direct this complex business machine to outperform the competition through true evidence-led decision making.

Ekimetrics makes this happen through our highly flexible solutions; OneVision. Integrated, rapidly deployable modules that cover all areas of the marketing mix, moving from strategy down to granular activation.

This ensures everyone around the business has the opportunity to explore results, recommendations and actions, based on the questions they care about.

By bridging the silos between teams and data, Ekimetrics helps build an integrated understanding of performance across the entire business. Constructed from local, granular data and flexible to different dynamics in each geography, market, sector and category, we enable business leaders to go from high-level strategic findings right down into specific tactical detail within local brands.

And we make this happen through the latest developments in the fields of marketing science and machine learning, combined with the art of marketing and business understanding. Our multidisciplinary consultants embody technical expertise mapped to strong commercial experience to ensure Ekimetrics delivers results for business leaders and not for statisticians.

Unlike others in the industry, we are not fixed to a single method; we construct core models defined by your business model, enhancing these with machine learning-enabled deep dives. This provides an economic approach to high levels of granularity, without sacrificing the strategic oversight that can drive real shifts in business direction.



The Eki.OneVision approach covers:

  • Marketing mix modelling
  • Marketing optimization
  • Unified measurement
  • Category dynamics
  • Market forecasts
  • Simulations and scenario planning
  • In-market experimentation
  • Automation of data flows to lower resource requirements and improve time to value


This allows us to deliver deep insights and actionable recommendations on:

  • Paid, owned and earned media
  • Brand and long-term drivers
  • Building customer lifetime value
  • Acquisition and retention of target customer segments
  • Trade activities
  • Retail environment actions
  • Detailed pricing across portfolios, formats and SKUs
  • Promotions that drive profitable share without cannibalizing future sales
  • The role of product and impact of NPD
  • Market dynamics and how to respond to them

Our approach is transformative and delivered through a partnership. That means:

  • Activation team to ensure delivery on the ground, utilizing our expert network, benchmarks and technical and channel expertise to maximize implementation of recommendations;
  • Transformation team, building client capabilities through our Eki.University training programs, and Eki.Connect, bringing together business leaders from across industries to share experiences and convictions, all in service of the continued excellence of our shared discipline.


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