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Who we are

Ekimetrics is a pioneering leader in data science and AI-powered solutions for sustainable business performance.
We help companies get more from their data and implement pre-packaged solutions, so they can combine high impact with long-term business purpose.

Who we are

Reinventing your business performance with a genuine commitment to sustainability

Speed, efficiency, cost optimization…these are the natural objectives that the use of data enables you to achieve. That makes data the most significant digital transformation driver for boosting your business.
However, solely driving business performance is no longer enough: your company is now expected to perform beyond the balance sheet, because the climate emergency is at your door. And your stakeholders are here to remind you that you’ve got to rethink how you operate to meet this defining issue.
But some business leaders think that their financial KPIs cannot be aligned with sustainable goals. So what’s the answer?


At Ekimetrics, we think you can have the best of both worlds and reconcile your business imperatives with environmental ones.
Data and AI are your best ally to define the common ground between performance and sustainability. Our belief in this approach is so strong that we are making it the alpha and the omega of our business model.
How do we do it? We started with ourselves defining our own sustainability pledge:


How do we achieve this with you?
We have developed a deep expertise across the entire data value chain to help you implement a sustainable strategy.

We believe that the sustainable transformation of the organization is the revolution of the next decade – as digital transformation was the one of the last ten years. Because AI and data have a major role to play in driving a positive impact for society, we intend to make them reach their full potential.


Accelerate your sustainability transformation

Tell us what your business challenge is and we’ll show you how sustainable transformation can create meaningful value and assets.
We are specialized in creating data and analytics solutions that drive high-impact optimizations with long-term business purpose and sustainability goals.

We help companies get more from their data and implement pre-packaged AI solutions. We commit to deliver it faster and more. Thanks to our focus on innovation, reliably using our own platform, framework of software, data assets and benchmarks. we can generate insights, prioritize use cases, and develop and deploy scalable solutions much faster.​
To do so, we believe in tech, we believe in data and we believe in people; it’s our winning equation in your transformation journey.


Ekimetrics is one of the world’s largest independent AI and analytics firms with offices on 3 continents. Since 2006, we have led more than +1000 data science projects in over 50 countries, generating more than €1bn in profit for our customers.

We developed a range of pre-packaged AI solutions to unify the marketing performance of our customers, to transform and thrive businesses through data, to implement and power sustainable business practices.


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