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Companies that want a visionary and agile provider with strong engineering chops should shortlist Ekimetrics

For over 17 years, Ekimetrics has helped great brands thrive, from L’Oreal and Inspire Brands to Nestle, Estée Lauder Companies, Ralph Lauren, and more. We are one of the best companies in the world at what we do and keep being recognized for it.

Our teams provide a powerful mix of business consulting and proprietary tech solutions. We maintain a global footprint, with more than 400 data experts and industry specialists in over 50 countries to help CMOs simplify and solve complex business problems.

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We keep great company

Ekimetrics is an extension of our team. To be able to rely on Ekimetrics as the team to deliver the insights from MMM [that] then we cascade to the rest of the organization has allowed us to be pretty nimble and deliver scale tremendously.

Ekimetrics has been our MMO partner since 2017, helping us to transform the way we allocate investment - especially around brand building vs performance media (...). This capability takes the emotion out of decision-making and aligns the business behind a common understanding of incremental ROI (...).

In-housing our MMO has helped us add a noticeable level of transparency and precision to our decision-making — with every decision backed up with data, we can ensure that all stakeholders are with us at every step of the way. That’s powerful stuff.

Our offerings

Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Deploy agile marketing measurement tools at scale. Uncover growth drivers and key communication channels that maximize marketing’s impact. Read more

Customer Insights
& Analytics

Put customer insights at the heart of your decision-making. Anticipate emerging trends to drive tactical activation and deepen brand relationships. Read more

Operational Excellence through AI

Use AI to identify operational efficiencies across the entire length of your supply chain. Navigate volatile markets and stay a step ahead of your industry peers. Read more


Bring sustainability to the core of your business. Use predictive intelligence to minimize your environmental impact and secure business resilience. Read more

Industry expertise

Luxury Retail and Fashion

Drive customer-centricity and personalized retail experiences at the heart of your luxury brand.

Quick Service Restaurants

Increase loyalty for your QSR brand by leveraging 360-degree customer and media data.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Unlock predictive customer insights for best-in-class marketing effectiveness in CPG.

Financial Services

Champion operational excellence and ESG standards with generative AI.

Travel and Hospitality

Gain a competitive edge with dynamic pricing and strategic customer insights to drive ROI.

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Defined by excellence

Analytics Activator

All of our consultants are both data scientists and business strategists at once — making sure that every insight we share is actionable for our clients.

Value Delivery at Scale

We make deployment and operations easy with our proprietary tech stack. We are our clients’ data stewards and do the heavy lifting upfront.

AI-Driven Business Transformation

We were one of the first companies to apply data science to business questions and continuously innovate to serve our clients better in both areas.

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