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“Our holistic MMM approach is instrumental in creating impact”

“Our holistic MMM approach is instrumental in creating impact”

The Forrester Wave™ report recognizes Ekimetrics as a marketing measurement and optimization leader. Thibault Labarre delves into the distinctive capabilities that propelled it to this significant milestone.

Author : Thibault Labarre, Partner

Date : 29 February, 2024

Category : News

Ekimetrics transitioned from being a “Strong Performer” (in 2021) to a “Leader” in the 2023 Forrester WaveTM report. What does it mean for your company?

Thibault Labarre: This shift is a genuine recognition of our commitment to delivering agile solutions and robust engineering capabilities, honed over more than 17 years of expertise. We constantly strive to deliver incremental value, effectively meeting the challenges faced by marketing decision-makers. We acknowledge the intense pressure weighing on businesses’ decision-making processes – from the challenges posed by a fragmented media ecosystem to the shift towards a cookieless environment. These imperatives necessitate a transformation in business models: Our objective is to provide businesses with tools and strategies to help them be the first to react to multiple disruptions in the market and adjust their marketing and commercial strategy accordingly in the short and long term. This involves incorporating forecast and scenario planning, ensuring they’re proactive, not just reactive, in navigating dynamic market conditions. 

To develop resilient marketing plans and provide decision-makers with next-generation analytics, we’ve been working on multiple fronts: strengthening our fundamentals and expertise and fostering collaboration with clients and partners. This intensive effort has led to remarkable acceleration over the last 18 months.  Our strategy revolves around continuous innovation. We’re investing heavily in our assets and teams to meet these ever-evolving needs.

What key factors contributed to this progress?

T.L.: Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) goes beyond mere performance measurement; it’s a strategic and robust tool for steering organizational business models. Adopting a holistic approach, we aggregate multiple objectives, constraints, and granularities to inform decision-making – precisely when needed, with the right insights and even incorporating relevant simulations. Data x Tech x People is our motto! This approach is instrumental in creating impact and fundamentally transforming business models. 

Indeed, to navigate the complexities of our clients’ unique challenges and deliver solutions that resonate with their specific business dynamics, we leverage the dual expertise of our talents in data and tech, as well as in business and marketing. We have over 400 consultants with this dual proficiency, including data scientists and engineers, business experts, 14 PhDs,… I think this is why we’ve been awarded a top score of 4.30 in the talent criteria. It positions us uniquely to provide comprehensive and tailored insights, steering our clients towards impactful and transformative outcomes in their respective industries.

Is Ekimetrics also recognized for its tech expertise?

T.L.Yes, indeed. We’ve successfully built a tech ecosystem with trusted partners (tech industry players or digital pure-players like Meta, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon to benefit from cutting-edge advancements). We’ve developed One.Vision, a platform designed for decision-making. We provide tailored answers to business questions through impact measurement, forecasting, and optimization (especially under constraints). Our platform is easily deployable within our clients’ environments, ensuring data protection and model transparency. Our modular solution adjusts to the tech maturity of various brands, allowing them to create genuine capabilities (such as marketing and commercial data lakes).  

We’re positive it accelerates and enhances decision-making, creating a competitive advantage and visible impacts within less than six months. Our results speak for themselves: For our clients, we’ve achieved metrics such as over $1 billion in annual gains, an average MMM ROI of 20:1, efficiency gains ranging from 15-30%, and notable speed.


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