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Customer Analytics

Future-proof competitive advantage with applied data science, putting the customer at the heart of strategy.


+ 5 %

retention rate

+ 10 %

revenue growth per programme

+ 4 %

growth in customer value

Enhanced customer knowledge across the organisation

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Bridge a customer-first strategy with tactical activation

Our clients want breadth and depth. That’s why we focus on putting customer and data at the heart of strategy. Vertical experts and advanced solutions are deployed in tandem to optimize decision making at both a strategic and at a tactical level. Through this, we can ensure activation is in full alignment with your brand’s customer promise.

Fast-track your analytical maturity through ready to deploy tech modules

Our clients want speed and scale. That’s why our AI-powered solutions are made to be easily integrated to your existing tech ecosystem. Our verticalized customer intelligence modules are developed to answer your most complex business questions. Together, they allow for accelerated roll-out of successful customer analytics use cases.

Create future-proof customer intelligence and impact

Our clients want sustained and quantified business value. Adoption being key to generate impact at scale, we focus on upskilling business teams by deploying trainings and distilling Responsible AI best practices: data literacy, transparency in model build, explainability of model results…That way, insights are democratised across the organisation to maximize impact.

We solve your business challenges

"What are the distinguishing behaviours and trends of my client base?"

“How do I anticipate the next best experience for my customer to drive LTV?"

"What is the potential value of my customers?"

"What are the critical touchpoints throughout their journey?"

"How should moment, message and action be optimised to drive long-term customer value?"

"How do I anticipate and meet the need of my customers?"


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Delivering value to your customers, from data management to activation


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