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Data Science Transformation

Transform and grow your business by harnessing the power of your data.

Unlock smarter decisions, greater productivity and sustainable business advantage by exploiting your data to the full.

The future of business runs on data.
But only the best are succeeding.

Right now, the biggest and most resourced organizations are investing massively to seize the data opportunity. As a business leader or data professional, you are under pressure to deliver tangible results and to direct meaningful change. However, success eludes most. In effect, year after year, a reported 75%+ of data initiatives are still floundering in bottlenecks.


Get more from your data now

Align your data, business decisions and business options. Optimize your decision points and boost your business operations with actionable data solutions from marketing optimization to supply chain and retail operations.

Define and refine your data strategy

Make data, artificial intelligence and data science your allies. Ekimetrics has developed expertise and pre-packaged solutions specifically designed to accelerate data maturity. Identify opportunities and compose scalable solutions faster. Ekimetrics maintains a technology framework of pre-packaged solutions and specialized data assets.


Core Data Science Platform, Integrated & Modular platform for Operations

  • Integrated, modular platform for data apps, analytics and engineering
  • Encapsulates 15 years of technical and domain expertise
  • Includes pre-packaged solutions for data-powered performance across all business functions
  • Includes proprietary benchmarks and specialized data assets


Build foundations for business advantage

Lift your data and analytics capabilities for scalable performance and readiness for change.

Future-proof your data advantage

Transformational results are not just about technology. They come about through people, skills and culture. Ekimetrics ensures you take full ownership of your data capabilities and that they enable you to respond to future needs.

Integrated solutions. Integrated delivery.

Our integrated squads bring together specialists across the data value chain and industry experts so we can de-risk your projects and provide transparent results.
We work alongside your teams to deliver scalable solutions that are specific to your business needs.


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