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Relevant, embedded, controlled…
Delivering GenAI products that fit right into your business, operate under strict governance, and get you ahead faster and with confidence.


+ 20 %

marketing resource effectiveness

x 10

productivity gains (depending on company context)

90 %

of our solutions have top adoption rate due to high business relevance

100 +

AI solutions delivered since 2014

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Improve customer satisfaction

Our clients need to power up customer experience and satisfaction. We automate customer support and guide customers in the buying journey. We optimize customer interactions with real-time adjustments. We anticipate customers’ needs and issues. Our GenAI-driven support and predictive engagement ensure every interaction is a step toward client loyalty.

Increase marketing capacity and ROI

Our clients need to improve marketing efficiency with data-driven insights and GenAI-optimized campaigns. We help you generate super relevant content that resonates with audiences, unlock individual preferences to secure satisfaction, and spot optimal Ad placement/timing to supercharge campaign efficiency. Our GenAI approach levels up segmentation intelligence and campaign monitoring based on real-time performance.

Level up operations efficiency

Our clients need to reshape operations and execution velocity in a hyper competitive world. Our AI-Copilots transform employees’ performance. We foster meaningful Q&A with natural language and context-sensitive intelligence. Our ESG assistant mirrors ESG standards to secure compliance. We build award-winning chatbots that automate data analysis and visualization to drastically ease decision-making.

We solve your business challenges

"Can I improve issue resolution within my customer support?”

CX Directors

“How do I determine optimal ad placements and timings, and ROI?”

Media Directors

“How do I generate quality marketing content that resonates with the target audience?”

Media Directors

“Is it possible to monitor and adjust marketing campaigns in real time?”

Marketing Effectiveness Directors

"Is it possible to create automated benchmarks?"

Insights Directors

“How do I anticipate customer needs or issues?”

Brand General Managers


White paper

Responsible AI: A competitive edge in the data and GenAI landscape

White paper

ChatGPT and generative AI, a turning point in the history of AI ?


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