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Marketing Measurement

Navigate the complex world of decision-making, with impact and purpose,
with the most agile Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) solution.


1 bn

profit generated for our clients


average project ROI

< 6 months

to enjoy 1st gains

+ 20 %

marketing resource effectiveness

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Deep Dive into One.Vision, our Marketing Mix Modeling platform designed for data and ROI-driven decision-making


Navigate from high-level strategies to deep granular execution

Our clients want depth, breadth, and agility. That’s why we provide AI-powered Unified Marketing Measurement as well as vertical modules to tackle the uniqueness of each client. We deliver one of the best strategic and tactical promo optimizations in CPG. We enhance media strategies through our test & learn approach and can highlight the most effective creatives for execution.

Access results faster through an all-in-one platform

Our clients want speed, scale, and accessibility. That’s why our MMMOps allow instant sync from data feeds to insights (including scenario planning). We also provide function-driven workflows to power-charge easy access and adoption from your teams. Finally, we can deliver a fully integrated pricing and market-to-product solution (integrating social impact).

Create MMM capabilities in-house, prepare for future proof business models

Our clients need transformation, future outlook, and change management. That’s why we’ve developed a unique know-how in “in-housing” data & analytics assets. We’ve built advanced partnerships with the ecosystem to smooth implementation (Cloud & AI platforms…). Last but not least, we can optimize carbon footprint and guide business model redirections.

We solve your business challenges

"Beyond media, we don’t have data or a clear method to make tradeoffs”

Brand General Managers

“We have a hard time arbitrating between short-term view and brand equity”

Media Directors

“Market ROI is not in the decision process, but has become a reporting tool”


“We have no tool to optimize financial and non-financial indicators collectively”


“The level of information is never at the appropriate level for decisions (macro to micro)”


“It takes 6 months to get Marketing Mix Modeling results and it’s a burden for the team every time”

Insights Directors


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The new world of marketing measurement: best practice for impact and resilience

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How Marketing Mix Modeling can become a powerful tool for sustainable business performance

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Surviving Inflation: How can data create a competitive edge by steering price and promo?


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