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Data architecture & Data engineering

Designing technological agile and ever-evolving ecosystems

Correlating data architecture with business needs and challenges; creating robust systems that allow for future developments; developing analytical skills… our complex expertise that we put to work for our clients to support their data strategy.


Your strategic goals

  • Better manage, understand and enhance your data
  • Develop robust and ever-evolving infrastructure
  • Successfully transition to the Cloud
  • Converge your data on a platform with open-source formats and engines


Our approach

Creating technological systems that unlock the potential of your data in the short and long term



Our methodology

Analyze your data and analytics capabilities

IT infrastructure, data architecture, semantic models, metadata, data discovery, governance, integration into the information system… we start by analyzing your current environment, processes and constraints, working closely together with your business teams. Our approach: maintaining the agility of your technological ecosystems and optimizing your current and future data science initiatives.

This analysis allows us to suggest a technical and organizational data architecture, adapted to your organization (lakehouse, federated governance, data mesh, micro-services, serverless, etc.) as well as the roadmap needed to roll it out. We will guide you through constructing this new environment and train your teams in how to use the new principles and infrastructure.


Deploying the road map in your business

Robust and capable of processing, transforming, exploring and restoring your data, the data platforms that we develop are also designed to evolve with the times and to adapt to your new challenges. The goal? To empower you to enhance and manage your data and to accelerate your decision making.

We define the technology that is best suited to your organization model, always aiming to:

  • Manage both historical and future data
  • Unify your batch and real-time data flows
  • Integrate relevant partners in some data projects
  • Comply with regulations (personal data, information security, data breach, etc.).

We aren’t bound by technology, so we know how to work with your data architecture and existing capabilities, and our developments can be implemented in on-premises infrastructure, cloud environments, or hybrids.

We are also able to build your data applications more quickly with our proprietary platform which includes pre-packaged solutions.


Our pre-packaged solutions

  • Integrated, modular platform (data apps, analytics, data engineering)
  • Pre-packaged solutions for the company’s businesses and use cases

developed and maintained by our product teams.


The implementation of your data architecture is intrinsically linked to your data governance, a key lever in value creation for data-driven companies.


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