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Data science roles

Our strength lies in our capacity to combine business consulting with the most advanced data science methodologies. It is our mission to help our clients transform their organizations through data.


Data science Consulting

We believe that every step of your career is a chance to grow your talent. All data scientists at Ekimetrics are consultants and, as such, have a clear career path to Partner.

You begin as a Junior Consultant

  • As a Junior, you start with a focus on guided production of your projects to learn the ins and outs of the job.
  • You learn technical skills and discover the consulting approach and its business components.
  • You progressively endorse Ekimetrics’ values, integrating smoothly with all of Ekimetrics’ consulting and transversal teams.


You grow into a Confirmed Consultant

  • At this stage you have gained autonomy.
  • You master the technical aspects of the work and explore how to go further.
  • You extend both technical and business knowledge to as many offers as possible
  • You work on a diverse set of projects to discover other skills and/or sectors.
  • You begin to own portions of projects and can lead juniors and interns.
  • You embody Ekimetrics’ culture in your work and interactions with your team.


You are now a Senior Consultant

  • As a project lead, you manage your team daily and you are a trusted source of expertise for your client’s management teams.
  • You use this position to start developing Ekimetrics’ footprint within your clients, and you support the leadership team in the overall sales effort.
  • You are an internal ambassador for Ekimetrics.


You are a Manager

As a manager, your role in client management has evolved to account management, finding new opportunities for growth. Production management has evolved to project management, with a greater focus in establishing the scope with the client and ensuring profitability throughout.

  • You can lead strategic assignments of the firm, under a Partner’s mentoring.
  • You have a stronger focus on people development, assuming formal HR responsibilities.
  • You start representing Ekimetrics in external events.


You are a Senior Manager

  • You lead the most complex projects and topics of the company on your own.
  • You have the responsibility of delivering with high impact and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • You aim at nourishing and growing your network of contacts within these firms.
  • You identify or generate any commercial opportunities, then lead them to success.
  • You are an engine of Ekimetrics’ sales development.
  • You are an ambassador of Ekimetrics both internally and externally, and you display expertise in your field.



Technical expertise

We believe that every step of your career is a chance to grow your talent. All consultants at Ekimetrics are data experts and, as such, can join a technical expertise track. We have 3 categories of technical expertise at Ekimetrics:


Our main mission is to identify and build sophisticated data driven approaches in order to solve our clients’ most complex problems. To do so, data scientists at Ekimetrics will need to master algorithmic approaches, while making sure that the models fit business requirements. They will participate in building state-of-the-art data science practices for scalable client projects, while also contributing to reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement.


Data initiatives require specific IT infrastructure and capabilities that represent significant challenges for enterprises: different sets of technologies, legacy analytics architecture, security challenges for multiple data flows, and data governance roadblocks all pose a risk for data science initiatives.

That is why we need skilled and creative data engineers who build integration, management, transformation, processing, exploration, and visualization capabilities, and of course who support our clients’ business cases efficiently.

Beyond automating deployment, monitoring, and production of projects, our data engineers will also have to deal with data quality and resiliency, model management, model monitoring, and more.


The mission of the manufacturing team is to provide our clients with decision making tools that can guarantee long-term support and better utilization and industrialization of the models.

These are innovative and tailor-made applications whose construction requires advanced expertise in web development, user experience and problem solving so they can be easily activated and used on a daily basis to support strategic and operational decision making.


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