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Our team of Data scientists

We strongly believe in the transformative power of data science. We aim to be the lynchpin between sophisticated statistical approaches and business application fields, particularly in areas such as operational excellence, marketing performance and customer centric strategies. For this reason, we have unique positioning: all our consultants are Data scientists, and vice versa.

Our Data scientists collect, analyze, model and set up complex ecosystems and data tools. They are also regularly in touch with clients, business teams and business leaders. This enables our Data scientists to develop and maintain a close link with each stakeholder, while also gathering information needed on the businesses, relevant industries, territories and products to achieve high quality modeling.

Our Data scientists solve complex business issues using state-of-the art statistical approaches (NLP, deep learning, etc.), proven methods (lean, design thinking, DataOps, MMO, etc.), and by working together with peers such as Data architects, Product engineers and Full stack developers. And this is always with the aim of quick and significant business impact. Platforms for data management, data governance, and end-to-end and at-scale industrialization are a key part of their daily environment.



Within the Ekimetrics team, our Data Scientists are:

  • in contact with high-profile clients working in large international brands, managing their expectations both in terms of human interaction and data science practices
  • resourceful and able to achieve to our standards of excellence across the whole value chain of data (from collection to algorithmic modeling), while having the knack for converting insights into business recommendations
  • capable of navigating between traditional approaches and the most advanced data and AI practices (Bayesian approaches, customer journey clustering, interpretability, etc.)
  • capable of juggling the constraints and prerequisites of our clients’ ecosystems (cloud, legacy, existing platforms and tools)
  • always ready to come up with new approaches and build upon current data science practices in order to help standards evolve, both within communities of in-house and external Data scientists
  • gifted with strong relational skills and capable of developing close links with the different profiles of stakeholders involved in client projects (business lines, IT, technical teams, corporate leaders, etc.)

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