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Innovation & knowledge

Innovation & knowledge

Promoting the spreading of scientific knowledge. Sharing state-of-the art methods with every Ekimetrics employee and ensuring their utilization.

At Ekimetrics, we are all entrepreneurs and fully-fledged players in innovation. Each employee participates in the development of our growing company.
Everyone contributes to various innovation topics, from designing diagnostic tools to building new methodologies for our clients at the forefront of data science research.


Innovation is one of the central focuses of our projects and we encourage it daily by organizing:

  • Internal hackathons
  • Weekly research presentations
  • Digital trainings and AI Robots
  • Regular newsletters to share cutting-edge machine learning developments
  • … and more!



In a complex business environment where we can draw from a wide spectrum of past project expertise, but must also confront an ever-evolving market and new technological developments, one of our main challenges is to effectively structure our knowledge and share it with all employees.

The Knowledge Management (KM) program is a knowledge hub that allows us to make our expertise and innovations accessible and usable for all. In a few words, KM at Ekimetrics is all about:

  • Structuring our project-based histories and pushing the boundaries of our solutions
  • Sharing acquired knowledge within company via an internal platform that brings everyone together
  • Pushing innovation even further on all of our projects by capitalizing on our solutions and making sure we find new ways to react in a fast-paced market

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