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Our Eki moments

Because it is essential to get together and celebrate our victories, big or small. Small moments build our story!


Dynamic Daily Life

Daily life at Ekimetrics is a multitude of small quality moments that make up a bigger story. You will meet nice people, work on diverse projects, and learn from the expertise of others. Our community likes to share its know-how. We do this in a friendly environment and listen to each other’s potential. Ekimetrics is a big house where you put down your suitcases to grow together.


Rituals & Events

Every society has its codes, rituals, and beliefs. At Ekimetrics, we believe in our Eki.Community. We gather for a seminar with all the offices for the winter holiday season. It’s important to meet our colleagues from other offices with whom we have been working with for the whole year!



Human Touch

From welcome breakfasts and end of year events to #Curiosity lunches with data specialists and welcoming artists with the Eki.Art program; there is enough to nourish the spirit of our curious collaborators.


Our Offices

We are strong promoters of an agile organization of work where home office is accommodated.
Nevertheless, we are convinced of the importance of being able to get together and we want this to take place in an exceptional work environment. Our offices are well-planned so that you can spend quality time at work and give the best of yourself. Our offices reflect our ambition to offer a serious and rigorous framework but at the same time nourish the creativity that drives us.

We enjoy being in our offices; we meet there for a match of ping-pong or a video game, then we can follow up with a workshop in one of our meeting spaces. Offices are designed with our people, for our people.




Because we are curious and passionate about topics that are not necessarily related to our business, we have always had a lot of interest in the parallel between the world of data scientists and the world of artists.
In search of the aesthetics of art in data, we find new ways of thinking and dare to venture into serendipitous experiences that make us grow.
This is what Eki.Art proposes – a rough diamond with three facets :

  • A collection of contemporary artwork. Works related to the topic of data, echoing the practices used at Ekimetrics. These works, housed in our Paris location, are therefore part of everyday office life. Some of the works have been created with employees during artist residencies we hold on a regular basis.
  • Meetings with artists for our teams and exhibition visits to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of our employees.
  • Partnerships with cultural institutions to support them in their approach to and transformation of data, where we can prove once again that data and art are not opposing ideas.

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