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Marketing measurement: 7 key steps to success

Marketing measurement: 7 key steps to success

In a world where issues and behaviours are changing very fast, performance - especially marketing performance - takes many factors into account and tends to become plural and increasingly complex.

Date : December 09th 2022

How brands can take a step back from the decline of identity-based marketing and measurement, and reframe the challenge of marketing effectiveness in a cookieless world?

  1. Assess your data capabilities

Conduct an audit. Are you able to access holistic measurement now? How often? How can you get to the right level of data? What process changes are needed?

  1. Define decision moments

What is the right level of frequency, data weight and granularity for the decision you are making? Are they the decisions you need to make? And when?

  1. Cross-functional governance

Does your measurement solution have the backing of those who control budgets? What about finance? How can you get access to the data you need through IT partners or third parties?

  1. Measure the measurement

Are you able to see that you are creating an impact and return, rather than validating what has gone before? Make sure you understand the value of your measurement program.

  1. Develop deep dive agility

How easily can you answer new questions? Or take a closer look at the different levers impacting channels or campaigns? Develop the ability to examine complex interactions.

  1. Build data science squads

Don’t hire profiles. The world of data science requires a host of technical skills, from data architects, engineers and wranglers, to analysts and econometricians. Have you got the breadth of skills you need?

  1. Tech is an enabler, don’t overcomplicate it

Are you looking at long time scales before you can make use of data? Can you take a more incremental approach to delivering benefit along the way with complete, if imperfect in granularity, solutions?

Implementing an actionable, adapted, reliable, and scalable marketing measurement solution, augmented by AI and data science, means equipping yourself with a powerful tool to make better and faster decisions for the whole organisation!

Download the whitepaper: A practical approach to the cookieless future of marketing effectiveness

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