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Mentoring at Eki

Before your arrival and throughout your Ekimetrics experience, you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone with the sole objective of helping you grow and learn.


You are the pilot

We will do our best to provide you with the necessary environment and access to relevant resources so that you can develop your full potential.

This means that we expect that you will be the pilot of your own development, engaging with the training program and taking advantage of all the opportunities Ekimetrics provides.

Being the pilot of your development does not mean you will be alone!


We will set up the best organization and people around you to make your journey unique.

We believe that your development includes starting your career with the right support system – your manager, supported by our buddy program, will help you in your first steps. At Ekimetrics, your onboarding starts before your first day with us. We want to make sure that you feel welcomed, and we’ll celebrate your arrival. We are all part of your smooth transition into the Ekimetrics world, so we will make sure that you meet all the right people in your first few days.

We aim to give you all the information you need to become a full member of our teams.


And to make all of this possible, we’ll assign you a buddy to accompany you in your first steps.



Evaluation and Feedback

Our project-based evaluation process offers you continuous and precise feedback on your performance, which is key to your growth.

We continuously improve this process so that it complies with the principles of objectivity, fairness, and transparency.


International mobility

As a global company with global ambitions, clients, and stakes, Ekimetrics offers international opportunities that help boost your career. We operate with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise, and aligning cultures across the offices. We support connected growth across our worldwide entities to create a global culture.

The international opportunities you are offered at Ekimetrics are a key part of your personal and professional development. We challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and confront new operational and transversal projects and clients.

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