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Accelerating data science transformation and optimizing marketing performance in consumer healthcare

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A global consumer health company wanted to improve decision-making by implementing quarterly cadence and global standards for marketing mix models. Ekimetrics developed a scaled measurement solution enabling more agile decisions and consistent quarter-to-quarter results across brands and markets.


20+ markets

scaled in year 1

Quarter-in-quarter results

with rolling deep-dives


in revenue impact from budget allocation and tactical optimizations in a single year

To streamline and automate the management and optimization of its marketing levers, our client sought to leverage data & ML to empower marketing teams to measure and optimize ROIs. Ekimetrics built an industrialized AI platform to navigate the complex consumer healthcare market while providing quarterly insights and recommendations.



Regarding each brand-market combination (BMC), there was a reliance on manual and time-consuming data collection. Additionally, the local teams were accustomed to conducting large, standalone studies that primarily focused on analyzing historical data. This approach limited their ability to make timely and proactive decisions based on real-time insights. The rapid pace of the roll-out desired by our customer required the establishment of robust technology and data foundations. Building these foundations was crucial to support the project’s objectives and ensure the availability of accurate and timely information for effective decision-making.



To efficiently handle large volumes of data at scale, Ekimetrics built a highly automated data collection, processing, and mapping pipeline. This pipeline was essential to streamline the data management process and ensure accuracy and timeliness. Additionally, a flexible modeling approach was necessary to effectively guide sub-brand media planning. This approach allowed for adaptable strategies based on market needs and deep-dive questions. By incorporating this flexibility, the project was able to optimize media planning efforts and respond to dynamic market conditions.

A global insights and optimization platform was rolled out to provide hands-on access to key stakeholders. This platform enabled real-time access to global insights, allowing decision-makers to make informed choices and drive optimization efforts effectively.



This project fostered a culture of forward-looking test-and-learn approaches among local teams, driving continuous planning improvements. The focus on measuring and making decisions at a quarterly pace resulted in consistent and tangible results quarter after quarter.

The project successfully scaled marketing performance solution to over 20 markets in the first year, with plans to expand to 35+ markets by 2023. This allowed for the optimization and steering of media budgets totaling almost €350 million on a global scale. And this comprehensive approach ensured that the full range of brand-market combinations received the benefits of the project’s insights and optimizations, with a notable €58 million revenue increase attributed to budget allocation and tactical optimizations in a single year.

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