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AI-driven sustainable advantage

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In response to a decade-long revenue decline and environmental concerns, a media group aimed to address both economic and ecological responsibilities. Ekimetrics used sales forecasting to optimize distribution, improve profits, and reduce the media group's carbon impact.

Industry : Tech & Media

Solutions : Operational Excellence


+10 margin points

and +6 points on annual rate of sales


Reduction of paper used

2,300 tons

of CO2 saved per year


Given that unsold items represent a loss of 7,000 tons of CO2 per year, how can the number of copies sent to points of sale be optimized to avoid this unsold stock? Ekimetrics has been focusing on this question in order to meet two crucial challenges: significantly reduce carbon emissions; and maintain or even improve margins.


Ekimetrics has developed a sales prediction solution called AthenIA Press. This technology comprises several algorithms to meet the challenge of optimizing paper sales across stores. In concrete terms, the first algorithm, known as “classification,” categorizes points of sale according to sales potential. The “regression” algorithm determines the volume of magazines to send to each high-potential point of sale, while a third algorithm determines the optimal volumes of magazines to distribute in order to maximize profit.

The publisher’s teams have also been provided with a dedicated web application enabling them to parameterize, plan and visualize predictions, as well as access financial reports to optimize their decision-making. At the same time, the app features a business insights module that enables operational teams to enter product and market information to feed the AI with their business intelligence.


Based on a sustainable data architecture structured to scale, Ekimetrics’ algorithms have helped the client to better manage demand forecasts and embed daily predictions into its daily business operations. By introducing not only financial but environmental KPIs—such as tons of CO2—this project has had both an economical and a very strong environmental impact.

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