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Building a Global Marketing Measurement Program for a Leader in Mobility

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To maximize the efficiency of the marketing budget and adapt to evolving market conditions, this client sought to measure the impact of marketing tactics across the customer journey. Ekimetrics deployed the first full-scale measurement of media within the organization.

Industry : Mobility

Solutions : Marketing Measurement


+ 9%

increase in efficiency on same spend identified after initial optimizations


scope expansion with the roll out ongoing for additional countries and LoBs


A unified global measurement program


To enhance the cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts and adeptly address the continuously evolving market conditions, our global mobility client recognized the need to gauge the impact of marketing tactics throughout the entire customer journey. Complicating this effort further was the new post-COVID reality of inventory shortages and supply constraints, By closely evaluating the effectiveness of each touchpoint, from initial brand awareness to final conversion, the aim was to gain valuable insights that would enable more informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies.

As data was fragmented among several stakeholders, our customer also wanted to unify data measurement across the organization while also addressing the planning needs of the media agency.


Employing a comprehensive multi-stage Marketing Mix Modeling methodology across multiple KPIs allows for a thorough examination of the marketing impact at every stage of customer engagement. This approach enables the acquisition of detailed insights at each stage of the funnel, providing a layered understanding of the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Collaborating closely with the media agency, the sharing of model outcomes and saturation measurements facilitates the optimization of media plans at each critical planning stage. By providing the media agency with valuable insights derived from the MMM analysis, informed decisions can be made to fine-tune media strategies, ensuring maximum reach, effectiveness, and return on investment. This collaborative effort allows for data-driven adjustments in media planning, enhancing overall campaign performance and aligning marketing efforts with organizational objectives.

And, while our client is a leader in the American mobility market, it is more of a challenger in the European market. Ekimetrics therefore worked to adapt its responses to the profiles and challenges of both markets.


The close collaboration between this company and the Ekimetrics team is also fostering a strong and enduring partnership, setting the stage for a significant shift towards data-driven decision making throughout the entire organization.

Ekimetrics was therefore able to deploy the first full-scale measurement of media within the organization and is quickly expanding the measurement plan to 6 countries and an additional line of business.

Leveraging the insights obtained from MMM results, our client can fine-tune strategies and initiatives at each of the critical planning junctures, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and yielding maximum returns.

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