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Committed to excellence, driven by a mission

Committed to excellence, driven by a mission

“Accelerate organizations’ transformation towards sustainability, through the application of data science and artificial intelligence”: We’ve enshrined this mission in our articles of association ; we are today a purpose-driven company.

Author : Founders of Ekimetrics

Date : 20 October, 2023

Category : News

17 years of commitment, 1 mission

We set up Ekimetrics almost 17 years ago, driven by the pleasure and desire to ‘crack’ the most complex issues using data. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to grow over the years. The incredible projects we’ve completed together have pushed even further our focus and dedication to creating value.

We have built a culture of curiosity, creativity, and excellence. We’re proud of this community of customers and the 1,000+ Eki People who share our DNA and inspire us with their ideas and values.

Today, we’re giving concrete form to this commitment. We’re enshrining our mission in our articles of association and becoming a purpose-driven company. We’re making a strong commitment to pursue this path of responsible AI serving sustainable performance.

A mission that produces excellence

Our profession has changed numerous times, but our know-how has remained a constant. We believe that the model that produces the most value links the ‘scale’ of technology to precision of service. We don’t let fads or other opinions sway us from this conviction.

75% of data projects fail within the first few months, and less than 5% produce lasting value after 3 years… We’re turning these statistics on their head.

How? We create exceptional value by mastering models, their scope and performance, but also their limitations and impact. It’s incredible to see how much value creation and a responsible approach go hand in hand.

To offer you the best service, we need to be among the first to adopt “state-of-the-art” models. To be the best, we need to be at the forefront of explainability, bias, frugality, and AI when it comes to data.

We confirm this long-term investment in responsible, high-performance AI with the resilience, actionability, and scalability of our models.

Generative AI presents new challenges. We provide solutions that are relevant (realistic, verticalized, sourced, etc.), perfectly integrated (with tools, processes, and other algorithms) and controlled (cost, security, privacy, etc.).

This is the first pillar of our mission.

A mission that guides our vision for the future

Our business is to accelerate the creation of your competitive advantages thanks to data.

We have a duty to address your most strategic issues, and the major challenge today is to know how to operate within planetary limits. Our role is no longer simply to deliver more than 99% of our projects successfully, but to do so in the best way for our society and our planet.

Porter’s Five Forces model is outdated. At a time when the very notion of growth is being called into question, we need to master the five new forces, all linked to ecological change, which will shape tomorrow’s competitive advantages: new regulations, exposure to climatic and geopolitical risks, consumer expectations, new “sustainability-native” competitors, and the search for new talent. The companies that succeed are always those that anticipate profound changes by investing in the long-term and experimenting fast.

AI has never been and never will be the solution, but it’s a formidable tool for steering trajectories.

Using such tools for transition means taking concrete action, rather than remaining stuck in the status quo. Our job has always been to understand scenarios, experiment, and adjust. We have a unique opportunity to do this and create more sustainable models.

Change is a long journey. It starts with awareness and testing, and leads to the perfect interweaving of business, sustainability, and data strategies.

This is the second pillar of our mission.

Excellence and awareness

We’re committed to customer excellence. This requires perfect alignment between what we create externally      and what we experience internally.

From reducing our carbon footprint to our role as an opinion leader, as well as our pro bono missions and the creation of open-source tools, we try to lead the way with humility, simplicity, and unwavering commitment.

ClimateQ&A is one example. This Ekimetrics tool makes reliable information more accessible. By opening up both the tool and its code to the public, addressing the major issue of awareness and the accessibility of the IPCC’s scientific content, and creating a robust and ethical AI asset, we’re making our mission a reality.

“Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul.” Doubt is the most underestimated and forgotten value in science today. By operating in a sector that over-promises endless “progress”, we risk forgetting this cardinal value.

We’re committed to adding a layer of humility to the incredible potential of AI. Creating more sustainable business models with responsible, human AI. Creating more value for you, in return for everything you’ve given us over the last 17 years.


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