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Facebook Marketing Mix Modelling Summit 2021

Facebook Marketing Mix Modelling Summit 2021

On March 3, 2021, Matt Andrew will be speaking alongside Facebook. Join us at the Facebook Marketing Mix Modelling Virtual Summit 2021!

Date : Feb 17th 2021

Category : Events

Join us at the Facebook Marketing Mix Modelling Virtual Summit 2021 being held on March 3rd at 9:30 AM GMT!


This virtual event will include thought provoking sessions of inspiration including discussions on how Facebook & industry leaders are innovating Marketing Mix Models (MMM) in 2021 and beyond.


During this event, industry leaders and Facebook measurement experts will discuss how contemporary MMMs can help advertisers navigate the complicated ads ecosystem and how MMM is more relevant now than ever as a privacy-friendly and robust measurement technique for all businesses. By utilizing better data and modelling techniques MMM can be made faster, more sensitive, more actionable and minimize analyst bias. Contemporary MMMs can become the go-to-method to allocate media budgets and forward scenario plan more frequently.


Matt Andrew, Partner and Managing Director of Ekimetrics UK will be speaking and discussing our white paper “Executing for Effect: best practices to maximize the effects of your Facebook campaigns


This event will be relevant for seasoned MMM veterans or “new-to-MMM” advertisers seeking more information. Join to get insight straight from the experts in this constantly evolving space, as well as exchange ideas and learn something new.

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